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Kalen & Aslyn: Back of Our Minds Review

Written over the course of a decade, Back of Our Minds is the debut album of Kalen & Aslyn that tells the messy and tender story of the duo’s personal relationship through folk-country stylings.

Flagpole Premieres: Polar Waves, “Chronic”

Julio Duran describes his new single as an exploration of “the endless struggle and search for a better present, chasing after bad apples and the frustrations of today’s social division, abuse of power, recklessness and unfair treatments.” 

Nana Grizol: ‘South Somewhere Else’ Review

Nana Grizol’s South Somewhere Else steps away from the marginalized space of lead vocalist and songwriter Theo Hilton’s queerness to elaborate on the South’s deeply racialized society.

Seline Haze: ‘Haze’ Review

“Haze [the EP] helped me love myself a bit more… and I hope you are loving yourself, too,” writes Seline Haze on her Bandcamp page.