Seline Haze: ‘Haze’ Review

Published on July 1, 2020 on the Flagpole Magazine website.
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(Independent) “Haze helped me love myself a bit more… and I hope you are loving yourself, too,” writes Seline Haze on her Bandcamp page. Haze, who was voted Best Female Hip Hop Artist at the 2018 Athens Hip Hop Awards, released a new six-track EP titled Haze on June 5. The EPcontinues her message of self-empowerment,following her 2018 debut EP, Saga of Love. Haze’s rhythmic, clean bars in this raw and real composition prompt head bumps from start to finish. Opening with “Too Close,” she raps about the issue of boundary-setting, and introduces the garden as a metaphor that’s woven throughout many of her songs, bringing a wholesome consciousness to bloom. Half of the tracks feature other Athens and Atlanta artists, who add their pieces to the tale of sacrifice and survival. In listening, I’m taken on Haze’s journey to self-love and brought to a greater sense of my own—a continuation of tending to the garden, doing the bidding that she intended with Haze.

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