Kalen & Aslyn: Back of Our Minds Review

Published on August 26, 2020 on the Flagpole Magazine website. Click here for the original post.

Written over the course of a decade, Back of Our Minds is the debut album of Kalen & Aslyn that tells the messy and tender story of the duo’s personal relationship through folk-country stylings. Both have had their individual histories within the music industry but have finally come together to produce a brilliance that only two people who are so familiar with one another could create. Some songs have been pulled from years-old stock and others are brand new, but each one is just as masterly as the next with effortlessly overlapping vocals and a sweet-sounding symphony of guitar, percussion, brass, woodwinds, violin and cello. The melodies resonate with the image of waving grass in gentle wind but cater to the sight of buckling knees under the pressure of failing romance. The raw, intense emotion in Back of Our Minds illustrates a love that endures trials by fire because of the courage to explore and reflect on them.

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