Seniors to hit the stage

Published on April 10, 2018 in Pacer Times, University of South Carolina Aiken’s college paper

Graduating college is an accomplishment that many seniors at USC Aiken are nearing; commencement is May 9.

Final exams are closing in and consolation can be seen in the short distance ahead. Whether it’s preparing for a job, entering graduate school or taking some time to collect sanity, seniors are leaving USC Aiken with an array of plans and emotions.

“It’s a bittersweet moment,” said communication major Luke Westerberg.

He said that he will miss USC Aiken but is excited to graduate in August, partly because he is only the second person in his family to graduate.

Fellow communication major Brielle Jungblut is due to graduate in May. Contrary to Westerberg’s bittersweet feeling, she said, “It’s pure sweetness.”

After five years, Jungblut is ready to take on experiences outside of school but acknowledges USC Aiken’s role in her life.

“Being involved in the athletics department has made a path for me to figure out what I want to do,” Jungblut said. She wants to continue her involvement with athletics in her professional career.

Like Jungblut, English major Tosheanetta Key emphasized the relief of graduating.

“I’m relieved that it’s almost over, but I’m excited for grad school,” Key said. Key is starting her graduate classes online in July to get certifed to teach English.

“I’m going to miss my sorority, but I will just hold onto the memories,” she said.

Communication major Charlie Abney said, “I’ve never been crazy about college, but now that I’m graduating, I know it was a better choice.”

Abney alluded to a conversation he had with a former manager. “He said that I would miss talking to people on the same level as me,” Abney said.

His manager was right in his prediction. “I’ve met a lot of good, cool people. You come here and the professors actually have a personality.”

Abney plans to take up broadcasting and potentially start his own podcast.

It’s near the end of the semester, and for seniors, it’s not the anticipation for a summer of relaxation that they are feeling. It’s anticipation for the real world.

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