Brandon Eberl: USCA’s newly elected SGA president

Published on April 10, 2018 in Pacer Times, University of South Carolina Aiken’s college paper

Senior industrial process engineering major and current Sciences and Engineering Senator Brandon Eberl will step into the role of Student Government Association President at the beginning of the fall 2018 semester.

Eberl plans to execute various plans to improve the USCA experience.

In his impact statement, he said, “As Student Body President, I will, to the very best of my ability, lead with integrity and humility and will uphold the University’s core values: character, curiosity, collegiality and citizenship. I will also work to ensure that every student who comes to me with an issue feels welcomed, important and respected.”

Eberl wants to build trust between SGA and the student body. According to Eberl, students typically don’t want to be in politics because of its negative stigma.

“Students think that we [SGA] are on a pedestal, which prevents people from talking to us,” he said. “I want students to feel like what they have to say is important.”

Eberl said one of the reasons he joined SGA was to make friendships.

“I knew a lot of people because I’ve grown up in Aiken, but I didn’t really have many friends,” he said.

Since joining SGA, he’s formed many relationships on campus, with students and organizations that have allowed him to assist in school events, receive internships and scholarships as well as engage in the community of Aiken.

SGA has crumbled some of the barriers he initially faced when coming to USCA, and he believes that he can help do the same for other students.

Daneshka Padro, secretary of SGA, said, “As a senator, he has put in the effort [to be SGA’s president].”

She said that Eberl has made the most motions out of all the senators. Motions are formal proposals to take certain actions. Eberl has already brought forth change for the betterment of the school, and he plans to continue that through his presidency.

“He wants to make the school more student friendly,” Padro said.

He is presently collaborating with businesses around Aiken that are willing to give student discounts.

“Many give out discounts, but many students aren’t aware of them,” Eberl said.

Partners with the school will be placing decals on their windows to make the available discounts more obvious to students; Moe’s is included in this plan.

Eberl pointed out that although international students make up a large percentage of USCA’s student population, they don’t get much recognition on campus. He wants to install more visual representation, aside from the flags on campus that lineate only a few countries.

He also wants to bring more awareness to the disabled on campus. One item he proposes is making the elevators more visible.

Eberl said that many students know that he is genuine, considering his role as an active SGA senator and that his presidency platform regards the truth.

“A lot of people put on a facade. I told them [the student body] that I’m not perfect and that I make mistakes but that we would work through them because together, we can,” he said.

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