About Me

Howdy, I’m Amber, a reporter in north metro Atlanta covering local government and community.

And, as a journalist, I get to realize a much-loved craft and social justice initiative.

Joan Didion, a journalist that I revere, once said, “I write entirely to find out what I’m thinking, what I’m looking at, what I see and what it means. What I want and what I fear.”

Over the years of working as a college staff reporter, taking on journalistic projects in my master’s program and freelancing enterprise stories, I’ve deepened my love for people and the stories they hold.

Although a trite phrase, but “giving voice to the voiceless” is my passion. With most every story I write, I do my best to look at the forces that shape what’s taken for granted.

In my free time, I over-indulge in live music performances, hike with my dog, write bad poetry and paint.

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